For my ethnography, I will show the reasons to why I enjoy rock climbing. Going through high school I have met very few people around me who also rock climbing or have even been rock climbing. Making this project on rock climbing will hopefully show people that rock climbing can be a fun and healthy way to hang out with friends and get fit.

Rock climbing was first introduced to me during my freshmen year of high school. My brother had been rock climbing for a few years and he finally had the urge to see if I wanted to join him. Going through middle school and high school I had been an overweight child, so my self-confidence had been low at the time. When I first started climbing I was too shy and too scared to climb in front of others due to my lack of skill so when I climbed it would be on a wall that no one else was on and was out of the way of people. As I began to lose weight I gained more confidence, which meant that I was actually climbing and practicing more when I would go to the rock gym, this began to become a snowballing effect which eventually led into actually being confident enough to try to climb on any wall in front of whoever. Ever since this change, I have realized that rock climbing is a great sport and promotes positive mental and physical health.

Over the past few weeks I have read numerous scholarly postings about the effects of rock climbing, interviewed my brother about rock climbing, and lastly, I have created a video that will show why rock climbing is a great sport and hobby. All rock climbing clips that are included in the video were pre-recorded from trips that my brother and I have made and the interview was recorded over my Thanksgiving break using my phone. Hopefully, my creation meets the expectations of both my peers and my professor.


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